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Shows Francis Scott Key monument, surrounded by benches, seated men, women and children.

From the photograph album of Alfred Fuhrman, 1928-1935 showing the ship Gjøa which was the first vessel to transit the Northwest Passage in 1906.

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View looking across Main Drive at floral display in front of the Conservatory of Flowers.

View of a pond and stone lantern shaded by trees. Two women are seen walking the path in the distance

Shows concessions including: Wonderful Performing Fleas, Creole Dancing Girls, etc.

Two views of the grounds and buildings of the exposition, top view larger; shows buildings, tower (center), bay in distance

Shows one of several refugee camps located in Golden Gate Park after 1906 earthquake.

Shows music pavilion after the San Francisco 1906 earthquake.

View of a woman feeding buffalo through a wire fence.

The tennis courts at Golden Gate Park have been around since 1894. They are located on the West end of the park next to Robin Williams Meadow.
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