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2008-0722 (1).jpg
View from the Arizona garden terraces. Shows Garfield Monument, left middle ground, Francis Scott Key Monument in center background, and carriage concourse in right background

Stereo-4479_000160384 (1).jpg
Shows Francis Scott Key monument, surrounded by benches, seated men, women and children.

2009-0635 (1).jpg
View of the Dutch (North) Windmill taken from Golden Gate park, facing the ocean. People walk along a path and a car is seen in the road.

2009-0638 (1).jpg
View of people in horse-drawn carriages and riding horseback through Golden Gate Park.

1999-0024 (1).jpg
View of 8 men (firemen?) in Golden Gate Park stretched out on a wooden frame pulling a rope with 5 officials looking on; crowd behind fence watching.

Museum of Antiquities in Golden Gate Park; shows earthquake damage of left wing columns and siding of brick and terra cotta museum building, pyramidal roof at right. San Francisco; 1906.

View of temporary kitchen in the Golden Gate Park.

From the photograph album of Alfred Fuhrman, 1928-1935 showing the ship Gjøa which was the first vessel to transit the Northwest Passage in 1906.

v1p170a (1).jpg
View looking across Main Drive at floral display in front of the Conservatory of Flowers.

Two views of the grounds and buildings of the exposition, top view larger; shows buildings, tower (center), bay in distance
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