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  • Collection: Views of Japan, 1875
Portrait with caption "Japanece Prince" [sic] with traditional clothing.
Portrait of two young women in kimonos embracing one another.
Depiction of a doctor checking a patient's pulse. In the room is a kettle
Two girls in elaborate kimonos sewing garments. They both have sewing boxes next to them. There is a paper screen (a shoji)in the background.
Portrait of a man with his back tattood.
Portrait of young woman caption is "geishia playing samisen."
Portrait of young woman in kimono from waist up with an obi.
Three Samurai in armour with swords.
Caption is "planting rice" and shows 11 men 9 of which are planting rice in a flooded rice paddy one man sitting down and one man holding what appear to be rice seeds.
Caption is "preparing rice ground." Shows man using a horse to plow/till flooded rice paddy.
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