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Shows printing machine that was on display at the Great Exhibition.

chicago crowd.jpg
Shows the parade for the Chicago World's Fair and a huge crowd in attendance. The Fair commemorated the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' landing in the 'New World.'

machine hall.jpg
The Centennial Exhibition was the first world's fair to be held in the United States. It celebrated the 100th signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Chicago crowd 2.jpg
Shows a crowd gathered to hear President Cleveland deliver a speech to open the World's Columbian Exposition.

Penn Delaware.jpg
Shows several ships, both docked and anchored on the Delaware river, in front of the Pennsylvania Train Depot.

paris cafe.jpg
Shows a cafe with a crowd of people as well as a stable and building with flag on top.

Queen retiring room.jpg
Shows Queen Victoria's sitting room at the Crystal Palace.

oscillating steam engine.jpg
Image shows steam-engine that was on display at the Great Exhibition, 1851.

SF Cable Car.jpg
Shows passengers going up hill in San Francisco in the Kearny, Polk, and Filmore Line.

The image shows beginning contruction on a tunnel under the English Channel.
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