Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution


Industrial revolution.


Items are from the exhibit that was previously mounted in the Sutro Library's reading room.


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Nineteenth century


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Industrial revolution

Collection Items

An Exact Representation Of The First Aerial Ship The Eagle, Now Exhibiting At The Grounds Of The Aeronautical Society, Victoria Road Facing Kensington Gardens.
The Eagle was an airship (dirigible balloon) that crashed in Paris in 1834 upon take off. It proved to be too heavy. The ship was developed by Scotsman Comte de Lennox, who was living in France. 

Asthma. Lancelot's Cigarettes
In the nineteenth century cigarette-making became automated. In this same period, smoking came to be seen as fashionable - for men, not for women.

Revolving bookcase
Ornate carved wood revolving bookcase which was on display at the Great Exhibition of London, 1851.

Mr. Weekes Atmospheric Electrical Apparatus.
Demonstration of how electricity works for the London Electrical Society by inventor W.H. Weekes.

Scene of the Accident at Bray Head, on the Dublin Wicklow, and Wexford Railway
Shows a train partially off a bridge near body of water.

New Year's Greeting by Telephone
Shows a group of men and women in formal wear speaking on the phone.

The Ice Yacht, Exhibited at Machinery Hall
Shows a frozen lake with a sled equipped with a two sails.

Krupp's Great Gun, Presented to the King of Prussia by the Manufacterer M. Krupp, of Essen.
Shows exhibition hall with Krupp's gun and people standing around looking at it.

Locomotive in Mexico.
Shows a train stopped with passengers outside, a snow-capped mountain is in the distance.

Engine used on Vera Cruz road.
Shows men stand in front, one on, train engine.
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