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Aztec Codex

Three leaves on amate. The codex is part of the so-called Techialoyan manuscripts with images of land tenure.

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Views of Japan, 1875

Part of a 10 volume set of photographs form 1875.

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Norddeutsche Maschinen

Factory product sample catalogue for the North German Machine and Armature Fabrication Company. Photographs of their ball bearing products from…

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Halloween Images

war artilley 4_0002.jpg

From multiple resources at Sutro Library

Contributors: Sutro Library

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Egypt Through the Eyes of Sutro Exhibit


Wealthy Victorian elite commonly amassed private collections and purchased Egyptian objects from antiquities dealers. One such collector was Adolph…

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Industrial Revolution


Items are from the exhibit that was previously mounted in the Sutro Library's reading room.

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Bicycling in California: Transforming the Landscape

stereo-5457_000184797 (1).jpg

Californians have long embraced bicycles, exploring the natural wonders of the West and providing movement to people as never before. These images…

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